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About us, our values

We are Experts!

We are real estate consultants! Each sale and purchase of the property is followed by a team of specialized consultants who are competent in the technical, legal and fiscal aspects; this right from the first meeting with the customer and up to the conclusion of the purchase/sale process.


for the customer

We want to be a leader in the real estate investment sector, a point of reference for those seeking excellence, based on our many years of experience in the sector, putting the customer at the center of everything!

Exclusivity and

We are constantly committed to the goal of continuous improvement, always creating new marketing strategies in order to offer our customers an ever better, exclusive and personalized service.
Our staff continuously improves by following continuous training courses in real estate sales with the best coaches in Italy and abroad such as The Mike Ferry Organization - USA, allowing us to always be at the forefront of the best sales strategies.

Strengthen the culture of collaboration

We use the latest software which allows professional collaboration between a large number of real estate agents. This allows us to greatly expand our sales potential or to find the right property for any eventuality.

Sharing, collaborating, supporting internal or external collaborators to the organization will bring greater value to us and to our customers. Remaining faithful to these principles will make us reach our goals faster and with greater quality.

The history of the company

Natalya Ushakova, after moving to Italy, obtained a degree in “Economics and Business Management Sciences” at the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University.

Before starting his career in the real estate sector, he carried out Sales Marketing activities for foreign customers in some of the hotels in the center of Milan.

In 2010 his first approach to the real estate sector, the moment in which hotels and hotel rooms were no longer liked as before, at least by a young and dynamic public who wanted to feel at home even in a distant country: the new trend that was it, and to live, perhaps on the other side of the world, as if it were one’s own; and here is his first approach with holiday homes and short-term rentals.

Subsequently he began his experience in RE / MAX, the first real estate company with an international brokerage network,

He builds his education with MAKE FERRY – GLOBAL LEADER IN REAL ESTATE COUCHING AND TRASINING with over 47 years of experience.

From 2013 she set up on her own, then subsequently founding her own company.

Today, as administrator of Italy home Real Estate, he has put his knowledge of the real estate sector at the service of clients, has created a close-knit team of like-minded, highly experienced and disciplined people who understand that a client is also an individual.


Sell/ Rent with us

We sell or rent your home effectively and quickly. And we do it at an unbeatable price. We will be able to give the right value to your property by putting it up for sale on your behalf through the best national and international search channels.

Property finder

Our specialist search agents will assist and support you in finding your dream home.

Foreign clientele in Italy

The real estate market, thanks to the recent crisis, has opened up more and more to economic proposals from other countries. We are a reliable and competent partner for foreign buyers who wish to purchase valuable real estate in Italy.

Short rentals

We are developing a product that meets all requirements. Contact us to enter the world of short-term rentals, we'll take care of everything.